Multilingual Audio Chatbots

for Museums and Cultural Institutions
  • Speaking with natural voices in multiple languages
  • Specialized and ready to be deployed in your museum or cultural institution
The Multilingual Celebrity Audio Chatbot!

The Multilingual Celebrity Audio Chatbot!

he understands and speaks 50+ languages with natural human voices

Witness the history coming to life: Louis the 16th answers YOUR real-time questions in 50 languages with natural voices!

Imagine walking through a museum and having a conversation with legendary figures like Leonardo da Vinci, Paul Cézanne, or Vincent van Gogh!

Livdeo's vocal chatbot technology breathes life into these icons, offering visitors an unparalleled interactive experience.

The Multilingual Celebrity Audio Chatbot!

Chatbots Key Benefits

for Museums and Cultural Institutions

1️⃣ Enhanced visitor engagement

Personalized conversations create a unique, unforgettable experience for each visitor.

2️⃣ Accessible and inclusive

This multilingual solution breaks down language barriers and opens doors to a more diverse audience.

3️⃣ Flexible

Applicable in museums, galleries, historic sites, and beyond! The possibilities are endless.

Louis the 16th Audio Chatbot demo
Unmute the video and listen to the conversation

What does this mean

for the future of cultural institutions? 🚀

➡️ Boosted attendance

Reinvigorate interest in museums by offering interactive experiences that can't be found elsewhere.

➡️ Increased revenue

Implement paid premium experiences, exclusive access to rare exhibits, or offer personalized guided tours.

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